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Ariel McLean

Ariel McLean

Loved my birthday dress! Thanks to you all, I slayyyed, turning  Canada into the Caribbean !! Lol
Name: Ariel
Instagram: ArielleAshlynne
Location: Toronto, Canada
Aspiring Plus Size Model

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That's awesome, I'm absolutely in love with that notion, I recently discovered you guys, and totally fell for the close knit community.
Definitely keep up the good work.

That being said, I'm planning to start my YouTube channel regarding plus size fashion and plus size modeling. I'm planning on getting a few dresses from you pink to feature in my 'Plus Size Night Life ' video.

Is there any information you'd like me to include?  I'm all for sharing the best with those who are willing to listen.

Thanks a lot


Sep 12, 2016

That dress is perfect on you!

May 19, 2016

Woww!! Gorgeous. girl that dress fits you like a glove!


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