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SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2016


Happy Memorial Day Weekend babes,
here's to my very first Sunday post!
When my friend Kamaile told me she was coming down to SF from Sacramento I knew brunching together was in our future : P !
Kamaile and I are such foodies, picking one place was a bit challenging.
But after some Instagram help we decided to try the new talk of the town in SF's own Mission Bay, Cafe Réveille!
I flipping adorable is this bar you guys? 
(Including the barista/bartender Kyle & his handsome bf Jared!)
I got my usual cappuccino, which was amazing, however I peaked at somebody's vanilla latte (which they were drooling over) so I can't wait to try that on my next visit! 
Kamalie joined me with a mocha which also had me drooling because they used some special-make themselves chocolate ganache for it and who wouldn't like that?
After some caffeine energy it was time for...SELFIES!
( & Snapchat lol )
Shout out to my little Paparazzi husband for having no shame in his game,
and always capturing memories for me to have for a life time!
( Even if it's standing outside while every one judges his creepy ways lol )
I try to stay away from beans in general, but I couldn't skip these chilaquiles!
Tony wished they had some type of meat in it but it was such a generous portion I seriously didn't even notice it plus the avocado, sour cream, and the egg (protein) fill you up.
This hotcake was basically a crime, but worth every bit of jail time.
( Trust me I didn't even complain on this morning workout! I knew what I had done lol )
After socializing way too much with others we had to walk around the new neighborhood, which is seriously jaw dropping both in beauty and in price ( holy moly rent here is bananas ) to finish socializing with each other ha!
Kamaile and I are so excited to be going to New York for Full Figured Fashion Week in two weeks, we kind of had to pinch each other!
I can't tell you enough how much I don't regret putting myself out there (even on the hard days) because it lead me to friends like Kamaile! Following your dreams is always more fun and encouraging with your go getter friends by your side.
My model friends don't make it easy for me to pose by their side, but I have so much fun trying and pretending! I added some bloopers at the end of the blogpost because I seriously can't keep a straight face half of the time!
We decided to dress casual for Brunch and right when I was getting ready my Apt bell rang. I knew it was a sign when it was the mail man with myPinkclubwear package!
I got so many goodies but decided to wear this Plus Size Short Sleeve Harem Jumpsuit in a 1x with my new Amber Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses that were only $7.99 and include the most gorgeous hard PINK case to protect them! (I don't know how they make any money on that lol!)

I was so cozy and comfortable yet I still felt beautiful and put together.
Somewhere between wearable and chic is my happy medium!
By the way if you use "francis20" as a promo code in check out you save yourself 20%!

Thanks so much for coming by and supporting You, Me & Fashion.
Thanks to Kayla for such a great day and for being in this blogpost!
And thanks to Pinkclubwear for sponsoring this post and letting me give my true honest opinions (:
Until next time lovelies

B L O O P E R S (:

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