About Us

Excellent venue for fabulous styles for Girls night out

PinkClubwear is the premier brand for sexy clothes and trendy styles.  Capturing the heart and gaze of women seeking fearless nightlife fun, Pink provides affordable styles from all over the world. Our motto ‘shine like a star’ matches our customers’  desire to find their perfect style.

Most up-to-date fashion

Pink is updated daily with new arrivals enabling our customers the keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

Wide Selection & Chosen Styles

Pink is located in the heart of Los Angeles, a global fashion hub.  Our curated partnerships with manufactuers from all around the world enable us to provide customers with unique styles that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Affordable Price & Unbeatable Deals

Owing to PinkClubwear’s manufacturing know-how and vast sourcing with global designers, customers can always expect higher quality fashion products at a lower cost. PinkClubwear offers Daily Pink Deal and countless unbeatable promotions to provide customers with unparalleled value.

Fast shipping and Careful Handling

Pink’s  Team takes care to hand pick all merchandise the same day it is ordered to help ensure a timely delivery for that great night out on the town. Our customers’ recognize value and quality so our packaging is expedited very carefully.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want to hear feedback. Customer Service representatives are ready and willing to assist with your every need.  Please contact us at  213.802.2704 between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm PST if you have any questions or concerns.